Ghosts are Assholes Launches Today!

Ghosts are Assholes Launches Today!

Happy to announce that my first book, Ghosts are Assholes, published by World Castle Publishing, LLC, is launched today on Amazon and other online sites in e-book and paperback form. Please see the main page for more details or click on the image above to get to the Amazon order page. If you enjoy the story, please feel free to submit a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or any other review site you can think of. Please subscribe to the blog for more updates and short stories in the future. I hope to write more novels in the future as well so please look out for that too.

As a bit of a celebration of the release, please read a bonus short story involving the adventures of everyone’s favorite medium, Vincent Pietro. It is entitled The Friendliest Ghost I Know:

“Are you sure you want to go in here?” Vincent asked. He was directing his question toward the apparition standing beside him. Both were near a blue door outside a white rambler.

“I have to know exactly what happened,” the poltergeist explained.

“Ed pretty much told us. He’s one of my closest friends and the most trustworthy man I know.”

“It’s not that I doubt the veracity of your friend the desk sergeant. I just need to confirm.”

“Your memories still haven’t returned?”

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