Short Story Saturday: The Journey

Short Story Saturday: The Journey - Photo by Free Nature Stock from Pexels
Photo by Free Nature Stock from Pexels

Hello everyone! Back on schedule this week. Hat tip to my father for giving me the prompt for this story. As part of Short Story Saturday, I have posted another short story, this one entitled The Journey. Please enjoy.

A faint bit of moonlight poked through the dark clouds and thicket of tree branches dangling overhead and served to illuminate my path. As I tenuously trekked, I wrapped my arms around my coat. It was not a response to the cold, though the wind had picked up and the temperature had dropped significantly as the night approached the witching hour. No, it was due to the fear induced by my hostile surroundings.

Wolves inhabited those coppices. Their howls were barely audible at first but had grown noticeably louder and angrier. They were savage. Merciless. Cruel. They would not hesitate to eat me alive. Those beasts had indeed claimed many a traveler. Only the most brave or foolhardy ever dared to walk that trail. There was no alternative, though. It was the only time when I could meet her. I needed to see her again.

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