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Fanged Series


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3PF50 Tastes and FlavorsAbecedarianabuse storiesA Cabin in WinterActionAdventureAmusing Tale of ScriptwritingAn Anonymous LetterAn Artist's PassionAnnouncementAnonymous LetterAre you happyA True FriendBaseballBirth of a MercenaryBookChristmas Eve in UtqiagvikComing of AgeConfabulation during the Consumption of Morningtide ComestiblesConsumed WIth GuiltDo I Really Have To Do This?DrapetevoDream GirlExcitementFamilyFan FictionFan Fiction FridayFantasyFemale ProtagonistFictionFlash FictionFootballFreeFunnyGhostghostsGhosts are AssholesGregory SoleHeartwarmingHiatusHis PrincessHistoryHolding onto a MemoryHoodHorrorHumorHunter CrowleyIts a Doggie Dog WorldJerkjorogumoJust One DateKamikazeLesson in HumilityLovecraftLove is SacrficeMagicMaiden on a SlabMedievalMelodyMelody WilesMercenaryMind ReadingModernMountain of DespairMy Spiritual CodependenceMysteryNon Morieris in Somnis MemoriasNovelOnly could be more heartwarming if set in philadelphiaOut of the Blue CornerParanormalPhiladephiaPietroPizza GuysPlease Call Me DaddyPost-ApocalypsePsychicRedRed RosesRed Roses and Russian RouletteRelease DateRomanceRosesRouletteRun to DaylightRussianRussian RouletteSadSatireScarlettScarlett HoodServe and ProtectShortShort StoryShort Story SaturdaySilly Baseball Blog PostSoccerSocietySportsStoryStrangeSupernaturalSurrealSuspenseSymbolismSymoblismThaneThane DrapetevoThe Creature with No Eyes and Many FangsThe Crumbling WorldThe Crumbling World BlurbThe Fly Ball That Didn't Come Back DownThe Friendliest Ghost I KnowThe Hands That MoveThe InevitableThe JourneyThe Leggy Mistress of The WaterfallThe Price of VictoryThe TowerThe VeilThe Writer JerkThe Writer Jerk PodcastThing That Must be Done - An Abecedarian StoryThis Night Did Not Go As PlannedVeilVeiled IntentionsVincentWhat I Learned in School TodayWhy You Never Celebrate in a Weird BarWilesWorld Castle PublishingWriterWriter JerkWriter Jerk PodcastYoung adult
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