Short Story Saturday: Run to Daylight

Short Story Saturday: Run to Dalyight - Photo by Adobe Stock on Pexels
Photo by Adobe Stock on Pexels.

Hello everyone! As part of Short Story Saturday, I have posted another short story, this one entitled Run to Daylight. Please enjoy. Also, I have a few announcements to make. I am currently listed at #16 on feedspot’s Top 20 Short Story Blog page. Please check it out. If you haven’t already checked out my FAQ on my upcoming book, Magic Once Removed, please check that out as well. Thanks again!

They swarm me. A sea of hands reach out to me, claw at me, attempt to clutch me in their hands, and fiercely bring me to my knees. These twenty-two eyes have observed me for a while. They have only recently been moved to a manic frenzy. They are now more feral beasts than men.

Our captain made a mistake. He defied the orders of our superiors and now I have to pay the price. I cannot see his eyes but I can feel his emotions radiating. There is nothing but anguish and regret.

Had we stuck to the original plan, they would have ignored me. If I were not trusted with this item, these rabid creatures would have left me alone.

Life is composed of many channels but you can only float down one. Whether it is the right one is left to chance. Sometimes we can only wonder what might have been and live with regret.

I search for an opening. I search for a means to escape. These legs are aged but still have some mileage left on them. They are still quick and can aid me. I just need to find an opening. There is still hope if I can find a path.

My eyes dart desperately. If I can find but a crease, I can run to daylight.

Not a single sunbeam emerges. There is no place to run.

Allies come to aid me. They try to confront the attackers. Maybe they can slow them down. There is a chance they can get in between them and me and allow me to escape.

Their efforts are valiant and noble. These are strong men who are normally up to the task and would have provided at least a modicum of protection.

Even the plan, as foolish as it was, had a chance of success. The element of surprise was on our side. It should not have gone so wrong.

We were unprepared. They approached too rapidly and in far greater numbers than we had anticipated. The mass of bodies charging toward us was simply overwhelming.

My comrades litter the ground. They were pushed aside by the horde during their merciless stampede.

A pair of hands grab my legs. Another clutches my chest. Large strong arms wrap themselves around my waist. I am pulled violently to the ground with malicious intent.

I land with a loud crash. My head hits first leaving me a bit woozy. As anguished as I am now, the anticipation and horror of what is to come is even more excruciating.


A shrill sound of a whistle fills the air. I feel a great weight lifted off me. The mass of bodies separate and are no longer on top of me.

Someone ran toward us. He is wearing a striped shirt. His arms make erratic and wild motions. I hand him the ball and return to my allies who are huddled in a mass.

The PA announcer’s voice echoes throughout the stadium. “A loss of two on that play.”

Down by seven with four minutes left and the idiot decides to audible to a draw on second and long.

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