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My fans, there is no longer reason to fret for soon on this blog my stories will resume! Indeed, it’s time for the glorious return of James Kirst and his Short Story and Novel Blog!

Kidding. Actually, I just wanted to a quick post to announce that I hope to be more active on this blog shortly. I haven’t made a post in the last two years. Part of that was due to life concerns. I’m sure everyone understands. However, it is not as though I haven’t been writing at all during my absence. Quite the contrary. If you’d allow me to brag, I’ve been relatively prolific. This is another reason why I haven’t been very active here or on social media lately. I have been working on and now have new short stories, story snippets, and even chapters to share.

One of the first novels that I’ve written is a tale of love, broken dreams, adversity, and finding ways of progressing and moving forward. All of which is framed under the backdrop of boxing, specifically the biggest match of the protagonist Fergus Kelly’s career. As you might have inferred from the last two sentences, the story focuses more on the characters and their interactions than the pugilistic sport. It’s also a very grounded story and at times a bit gritty. Yet, it never becomes grim or dark. For a boxing tale, it is very optimistic and light. Perhaps it’s a little more realistic than the movie Rocky or my favorite boxing movie Diggstown but it is certainly more reminiscent of those films than something like The Fighter.

This upcoming novel is also bereft of supernatural elements. This might seem like a deviation from my previous works. I’d argue it is not for my stories always are more about social interactions, character growth, and the human experience than the mechanics of my supernatural worlds. That’s not to say the plots don’t matter. They most certainly do which is why I take so much care to eloquently craft them. The more grounded human struggles are just carefully interwoven into the tales. Besides, at the risk of spoiling too much, the novel is actually a stealth prequel for several novels that I hope will become part of a much larger series, all of which are set in the same supernatural world as my first two books

However, these tales will feature a new main character along with a diverse and eclectic supporting cast. They will be much more action-oriented and fantastic while still being somewhat grounded. Indeed, I hope this will be the start of what I call, “Stories of the supernatural variety to explain the mundane.”

Now, though, it’s time to get those stories either into the hands or onto the screens of my loyal readers and my fans. I’m starting that process now.  It’ll just be a matter of time before you start seeing new stories appear on this blog. Whether they be of the supernatural variety or star that aforementioned cast I’m only coyly referring to right now, well, I’m afraid you’ll have to continue keeping track of updates to find out more. Let’s just say that though I’m excited about my aforementioned paranormal works, I have a lot of stories I’m eager to share as well.

Don’t worry, too. The wait won’t be for much longer. I’m predicting within the next month or so at most before I start posting semi-regularly again. I just want to find the optimal time to post when I can get the most eyeballs on my stories. It’s a difficult thing because people live busy lives and I’m competing against literal millions for your time.

If I might brag one more time, though. I know what I write will be worth everyone’s time. My stories are enjoyable experience, entertaining, and perhaps even at times educational, along with a whole slew of words that have the equivalent definitions. Some of them might also begin with ‘e’.

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Please provide feedback whenever possible as well. I love reading what my listeners have to say. I’d especially like to know what types of stories you like to read and what would be good times for me to make my posts.

If you’re interested in finding out about the novels I wrote, please click on the following links: Ghosts are Assholes, Magic Once Removed, and The Crumbling World. If you like any of the books, perhaps you’d be interested in just reading about my other assorted short stories instead. If you’d like to find out more about me, check out this page.

Anyway, thanks for reading this post! Hope to hear from you soon!

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